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OFFICIALLY KICKSTARTED IN 2014!  The Ghoul on the Stool was officially Kickstarted October of 2014  with 176 backers and over 15k dollars raised. THE ORIGINAL GHOUL ON THE STOOL. Please see our Kickstarter for more information! 

The Ghoul on the Stool brings fun and mischief to everyone.  Explore the spooky children's Halloween book about a Ghoul on a Stool that protects children's Halloween candy.  The ghoul tells three magical stories about what happens to your children's candy at night and the funny things that will happen to the thieves that are caught stealing them. 

The Ghoul on the Stool was so much fun to read with my three boys.  They are obsessed with Halloween and they love spooky books.  They couldn't stop giggling at the funny things the Ghoul gets into.  This is definitely our new Halloween tradition!

-Mary Andrews CT

Not only was the Ghoul able to promote sharing and keep my kids from tearing each other apart over candy but it also helped limit them from eating so much with all the candy the Ghoul took back to his cave at night ;)

Jessica Scriver VA

The Ghoul on the Stool is a must for any Halloween lover. Our children love waking up and searching the house for the Ghoul.  It's always surprise when the Ghoul is caught in the act of causing a little mischief!

Katie Winslow NJ  

The Ghoul on the Stool is a great children's book to celebrate Halloween in a positive way.  My nieces and nephews love the illustrations and ask me to read it over and over!  The ghoul is so cute and they love playing with it!

Jen Stanford PA